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FallProof™: A comprehensive Balance & Mobility Training Program - 2nd edition coming soon!

FallProof! is divided into three parts. Part I provides an introduction to the body systems that contribute to balance and mobility and common age-related changes occurring in each of these systems. It also identifies the multifactorial causes of falls and describes the common medical conditions (arthritis, joint replacement surgery, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes) and medications known to adversely affect balance and mobility. Part II provides suggestions on balance assessments and details the core program. And finally, Part III describes how to incorporate contemporary motor learning principles to foster optimal learning, develop lesson plans, organize the classroom environment for optimal safety and efficiency, and communicate with program participants.

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FallProof™ At Home Exercise Program DVD

The FallProof™ program is pleased to offer home exercise DVDs. FallProof™ At Home, provides a progressive set of exercises excerpt from the national award-winning FallProof™ Balance and Mobility Training Program created by Debra Rose, PhD, at the Center for Successful Aging. If you are looking to rebuild your balance and strength, fine tune your flexibility, lower your risk of falls, and regain your independence, this home exercise program is for you!

There are three different levels to choose from:

Level 1: Simple effective balance, strength, and flexibility exercises for older adults experiencing significant mobility difficulties that limit daily activities. Includes seated activities with some standing exercises.

Level 2: Higher challenge program for older adults who have mastered Level 1. Includes seated and standing activities.

Level 3: Highest challenge program for older adults who have mastered Levels 1 & 2. Includes primarily standing activities.


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Fall Prevention Center of Excellence Exercise Brochures

The Fall Prevention Center of Excellence is proud to announce the release of their 3 set exercise brochures. The illustrated booklets each exhibit ten exercises, in large print, that demonstrate how individuals can remain balanced, flexible and able-bodied in order to prevent falls. For maximum usability, the guide is in a calendar format, which allows the user to attach it to any upright surface, so readers can follow along as they train. The three booklets feature simple exercises that older adults can carry out at home.


FallProof Instructor Polo Shirts

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