History of the CSA


Established in 1998, the Center for Successful Aging was created due to a recognized need for health promotion programs and curriculum encouraging health, vitality and well-being for older adults. Its mission is to increase strength and independence in a person’s later years. The goals of the center are to conduct interdisciplinary research on issues related to healthy aging, provide student and in-service training to prepare gerontologists, healthcare practitioners, rehabilitative specialists and fitness leaders to work with older adults.  The Center for Successful Aging aims to serve as an advocate for affecting public policy related to healthy agency. Dr. Debra J. Rose is the current Director of the Center for Successful Aging. 

The Center for Successful Aging offers participants training through Fit 4 Life, FallProof™ Balance and Mobility and Health Promotion Programs. The Fit 4 Life Program provides several individualized and group fitness classes throughout the year. Health, fitness, and mobility assessments are conducted to determine physical status, and to optimize an individual's personal goals. The FallProof™ Balance and Mobility Program adopt a multidimensional approach to the evaluation and treatment of balance-related problems. Balance and gait assessments are provided to determine the most effective training program. Both small group and individualized programs are available. The Health Promotion Program provides traditional and alternative approaches to wellness, including health education, physical and psychosocial assessments, massage therapy, therapeutic touch, and mind-body exercises (yoga and tai chi).


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