Our Mission...

The Center for Successful Aging , through its educational, research and service activities, has as its mission the promotion of health and vitality across the life span. The specific goals of the center are to: (1) conduct interdisciplinary research on issues related to infant development, physical activity promotion in youth and adults with and without disability, the development of healthy lifestyle behaviors, and the reduction of falls in the later years; (2) provide professional training of students and health care practitioners working with infants, children and adults of all ages in a variety of settings; (3) offer a variety of health, cognitive, psychological and functional assessments; (4) implement a range of community-accessible programs based on the principles of whole person wellness, and family-centered and inter-generational interventions; (5) collaborate and partner with community agencies and organizations to provide innovative programming and services aimed at promoting physical activity and reducing sedentary behavior; and (6) serve as an advocate for affecting public policy relative to developing physical literacy and healthy behaviors across the life span. Our whole person wellness programming is committed to helping individuals of all ages and abilities maintain a lifestyle that is of the highest quality attainable. Multidisciplinary teams of University faculty and students work with community partners to implement these goals.


We Believe In...

Whole Person Wellness

Programming at the Center for Successful Aging is developed around the principles of whole-person wellness to help our clients maintain a lifestyle that is of the highest quality.  Whole-person wellness embodies a comprehensive approach to wellness, which respects our complexity by acknowledging that we are multidimensional beings.  It is through attention to and the development of each dimension of wellness that we can be successful in achieving whole-person wellness.
Our programming is based on a whole-person wellness model that integrates six essential dimensions of wellness.  This model was developed by Jan Montague, MGS, who developed the principles of whole-person wellness for use in older-adult settings.

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Whole Person Wellness for Vital Living


Our Facilities...

Wellness Resource Room


Gordon & Dixie Shaw Wellness Resource Room

Lifespan Wellness Center 

Lifespan Wellness Center

Movement Enhancement Lab


Movement Enhancement Lab